Villa Samanyolu, Kalkan


Kalkan enjoys the benefit of long hot summers and short mild winters.
April about 25 degrees
June low 30s
July & August are the hottest months with average temperatures in the high 30s and occasionally over 40 degrees
September low 30s
October 20s

Kalkan does not suffer from high humidity except for short periods in July or August when humidity levels can reach around 60%.

In November, December, March and April the weather is great for those looking for more active holidays walking and sightseeing. At this time of year temperatures are often a comfortable 15 to 19 degrees during the day time falling to around 6 to 7 degrees at night. The sea remains warm enough into November and December for swimming although pool temperatures can be chilly. These months generally offer a good chance of some winter sunshine although, of course, good weather cannot be guaranteed.